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Spectral Instruments has built its nearly twenty year reputation upon being a premier provider of cooled, high-end CCD-based camera systems for scientific imaging applications from astronomy to preclinical drug discovery.
Our imaging systems build upon the company’s history of innovation to meet your imaging requirements as the heart of your analytical instrumentation. These flexible imaging platforms can be customized for your scientific applications.  Think of Spectral Instruments as your partner if you need sensitivity and accuracy at an affordable price for any of your imaging needs.
Whether you require a high-end system, or an affordable, sensitive, and accurate solution to your imaging needs, Spectral Instruments has the product for you. Our flexible R&D team and ability to manufacture systems in house, at any volume, assure the quality and consistency of performance that you need to succeed.

Contact Spectral Instruments today for additional information on how we work with partners to create imaging solutions, to request technical specifications, or to obtain a quote for your specific imaging needs. We are dedicated to serving you, the customer, and look forward to hearing from you.


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Visit the Tech Notes page for information about specialized camera systems for astronomy, drug discovery and x-ray crystallography

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